Big release date news

3 games coming soon

We were hugely excited to announce 3 new games at E3 2017 – Bravo Team, Hidden Agenda and The Inpatient. We've got some updated release date news for you.

Hidden Agenda, a gritty crime thriller for PS4, came out on Oct 24 2017 (US) and is now releasing in Europe and Internationally on Nov 22nd 2017.

Set in the Until Dawn universe, The Inpatient is a horror game with psychological elements that takes you back to the Blackwood Sanatorium in the 1950s. The Inpatient is now releasing on Jan 23rd 2018 (US) and on Jan 24th 2018 (Europe/International) for PlayStation VR.

Bravo Team, an immersive, first-person cover shooter built for co-op, is now releasing on Mar 6th 2018 (US) and Mar 7th 2018 (Europe/International) for PlayStation VR.

Exciting times! For full information on each game please check out their game pages here:

Bravo Team

Hidden Agenda

The Inpatient

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