Hidden Agenda

PlayStation 4

Hidden Agenda is out now. Check out game details, reviews and videos below.

Choice and consequence. Who can you trust?

Can you hold your nerve in the hunt for the infamous ‘Trapper’ killer? Use your mobile device to make tough decisions that impact the branching storyline in this PS4 exclusive crime thriller from the PlayLink range. You never know what’s lurking around each dark and sinister corner...

But this chilling mystery has a twist from the very start: bring up to five friends into play and you’ll each have an objective to work towards. Will you be driving towards a common goal, or working against each other? Influence is power and each choice may alter the unfolding story… but how far will you go to fulfil your own agenda?

Official Sony PlayStation game pages for Hidden Agenda are here (US) and here (UK) 

Check out the latest Hidden Agenda video to find out more about the two different game modes!

Check out the video below to find out more about the game and to see it in action...

“a suspenseful mystery worth more than one playthrough” Game Informer
“a polished and absorbing narrative adventure” Empire Online
“Combining modern technology and an interesting story, Hidden Agenda is pushing the industry into new definitions of gaming.” CGM
“you’ll always be tempted to play it over again to see how you can shake up the outcome.” Twinfinite
“There were a lot of good video games at E3, but few wrestled my attention (and emotions) the way Hidden Agenda did. ” Waypoint
“Another creepy descent into a sinister world of terror. ” Games Radar

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