Tumble VR

PlayStation VR

Tumble VR takes the the original, much loved, PlayStation 3 game and rebuilds it from the ground up for PlayStation VR - complete with a brand new visual style, a load of new levels and some great new modes.

Tumble VR is best described as an accessible, fun, engaging and immersive puzzle game. When you pull the PlayStation VR headset on we place you in an arena that will test both your physical dexterity and mental skills. Working your way through a gauntlet of tests - from simply building a tower, to creating bridges, working out fiendish puzzles and blowing up enormous towers of blocks - Tumble VR will push your skills and brainpower to the limit.

Alongside the new levels and visuals for Tumble VR, we have also added a new competitive mode. This uses the PlayStation VR Social Screen feature that allows a second player to play on the same TV together with the VR player to create a social VR experience.

Check out these tips from our Tumble VR Game Director!

Check out this link to the announcement of Tumble VR on the PlayStation Blog.

“Tumble VR is easily one of the most comprehensive games among the PSVR's launch line-up - 4/5” IB Times
“One of the most natural and immersive games I have played in VR so far - 8/10” TheSixthAxis
“TumbleVR is a hidden PSVR early gem - 8/10” UploadVR
“Bringing the original, addictive puzzle game into a brand new virtual reality setting works extremely well - 7/10” PlayStation Universe


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