PlayStation 3

Tumble is the perfect showcase for the accuracy of the PlayStation Move controller, letting you reach into the screen to balance, build, solve and demolish your way through more than 70 unique challenges.

Each level presents a unique brainteaser, from building high to bending light; do you have the skill to overcome earthquakes and inverse gravity and then use all your powers of lateral thinking to solve the fiendish bonus puzzles?

Play solo, play together, play head to head, help or hinder, co-operate or compete! You can even play in full 3D on a 3D-enabled TV.

In addition to being a firm favorite on the PlayStation Store, Tumble can now be found on the later compilation release - Move Mind Benders . It's getting great reviews too, such a 10/10 on Bone-Idle.

Game Informer liked it too: “The variety of unique, mind-bending challenges offered in this upcoming PSN title makes Tumble one of the more desirable Move launch games to date, especially when a friend joins in for local multiplayer”

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“Tumble is an incredible PSN title that will keep your Move controller in your hand for many hours to come. ” Playstation Lifestyle


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