Start The Party! Save The World

PlayStation 3

Start The Party! Save the World is the sequel to the best selling Start The Party!

This is an all new augmented reality party game for PlayStation 3 and Sony’s Move controller.

The evil Dr. Terrible’s causing chaos and must be stopped! Cooperate or compete with up to 4 of your friends and family in a mad collection of fast, frantic party games to save the world!

Each mini-game throws you into a new bizarre world, underwater, into space, into the prehistoric past or the far future! Transforming your motion controller into a new weapon, widget or creature to take on Dr. Terrible with a blast, whack, bounce, poke or swipe!

It's fast, frantic and completely hilarious - Start the Party! Save the World on PS3 is the perfect game to get any party started.

Read more on the Sony PlayStation site here

“Start the Party: Save the World is a great mini-game collection. It offers a solid amount of fun and is easy to pickup. The party nature of the title means that is it a sure fire winner for the holiday season family gatherings or if you have a few friends over for some eggnog and mince pies.” Brutal Gamer


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