Man of Medan

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Man of Medan - the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology – is now out on PS4, Xbox and PC!

Every game in The Dark Pictures Anthology - a series of intense, standalone horror games – will be playable in multiplayer! There are two modes - Shared Story (online 2 player co-op) and Movie Night (up to 5 players offline couch play). For full details go to the official website.

The story of Man of Medan starts off on a dive boat in the South Pacific. With a rumoured WWII wreck to find, and plenty of on-deck partying to be had, our group of 4 young Americans and their skipper Fliss get ready for what should be the trip of a lifetime…but it doesn’t go quite to plan. As the day unfolds, and a storm rolls in, they find themselves trapped on board a ghost ship. Subjected to unimaginable stress and terror, they must try to find a way to escape the ship and its sinister history.

“A must-play for anyone that appreciates horror gaming at its finest - 5/5” Daily Star
“Man of Medan proves, once again, that Supermassive Games is truly the master of video game horror. 8/10” Gamespew
“Man of Medan weaves a brilliant and compelling story punctuated by some genuinely creepy moments. 8.5/10” PlayStation Universe
“The Dark Pictures Anthology is already one of the most exciting ideas in games” True Achievements
“We're going to have one hell of a run of horror games ahead of us” Destructoid

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