Camera Artist

Guildford, UK, Permanent

Ref: ART1902002

Supermassive Games are looking for a highly talented and experienced Camer Artist to play a key role in the studio.

The primary role of this position is to take ownership of the camera work for scenes in one of our cinematic games. You’ll help ensure the scene meets the cinematography and art direction requirements of the game, pushing the quality as high as possible within technical and production constraints.


  • At least 2 years of experience as a camera operator / creator, cinematographer, or editor in either real world or digital productions.
  • In-depth understanding and practical experience of cinematography and the ability to ‘read’ a film and understand the psychology of camera work.
  • A natural talent with framing and composition.
  • An understanding of physical cameras and lenses.
  • Technically minded and able to problem solve.
  • A strong portfolio of work which demonstrates your ability.

Key Skills and Responsibilities

The main routine tasks of this position are:

  • Creating / editing cameras for motion-captured game cinematics to effectively build a scene, tell a story, add visual flair and high production values.
  • Help to drive narrative story-telling through effective use of framing, lens choice and edit. Using camera to help convey emotional experiences.
  • Working with the art director / game director to achieve the desired look and style.
  • Working closely with the wider art team to improve workflows and processes.
  • Collaborating with other disciplines such as lighting and VFX artists, graphics programmers and level designers to create great AAA game experiences.

Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • A solid understanding of cameras and comfort in choosing focal length, aperture, focus etc.
  • A working knowledge of cinematography and the language of film.
  • Good understanding of the theory and application of Composition and blocking.
  • The ability to build out a scene from mocap data with selection of shots and cuts.
  • A comfort with editing, and understanding of its use in emotional storytelling.
  • Experience with a real time engine such as Unreal Engine, or similar (UNITY, CryEngine, Frostbite, etc.) is a bonus but not essential.

The candidate should have

  • A drive to constantly push art quality and try out new ideas.
  • A highly positive and proactive work ethic.
  • A willingness to take full ownership of your area of responsibility
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.

To enjoy working at Supermassive you also need to be:

  • Flexible and open-minded
  • Determined and self-motivated
  • Prepared to rise to a challenge
  • Obsessed with quality
  • Team focussed
  • Creative and innovative

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